Weekly classes for kids

Club Colebrooke

Club Colebrooke is a class open to everyone of all abilities. In this class we focus on all 3 types of performance, dance, drama and song.

The general cycle of our classes is, once a certain level has been attained in this class by the student they will be moved onto the Tuesday evening class for drama performance purposes.

'AllStars' is our advanced drama class for children with previous acting experience. This class is aimed at excelling children in drama and preparing them for examinations with the NEA (New Era Academy) Children in this class will look to take a drama exam 2 times a year.

They will look at the way well known figures have conducted public speeches, look at well-known stories from different points of view and look into creating improvised pieces with inspiration from books and poems. 

Colebrooke JUNIORS

Colebrooke ALLSTARS

In this class we include elements from Club Colebrooke and elements from Colebrooke's Allstars.

This class is all about getting them ready and teaching them to skills they need to aim towards distinction grades at the Hughes level for the future.